Godzone Pictures offers experience. As a company we have been on the ground making films and television in New Zealand since 2000. We collaborate and do line-production, as with many of the projects here. Additionally we also develop our own work – Russian Snark is an example of this.  We have worked with a wide range of talent in front of and behind the camera over the years and have great working relationships with a huge range of cast and crew. We can cut the cloth to suit you project and budget and always get a superior result.  Liz-DiFiore-on-location-with-Prodigy-Production-Company-Tongariro-National-Park

Film and TV projects are our life,  and we have over 50 credits both as a collaborator and as initiator. We work on large and small projects. We’d love to talk to you about yours.

We are a full service production company, and can take your moving image concept to fruition in any medium you require.

We can help you produce your film, TV show, DVD, game or internet project, keep your costs under control and increase the quality of your production. You will enjoy the experience!

We are experts in filming in Oceania – from mountains to the sea and can rise to any challenge we are presented with.

Contact producer Liz DiFiore today to talk about your project and arrange a quote.