Hugh and Heke

HughHeke-DVD-SLICK-FrontCoverNZ Comedy – Family movie set on Beautiful Matauri Bay, in Northland – 87 minutes Rated M

Take a fabulous NZ beach – add you typical Pakeha family – put a Maori family in the mix…draw a line in the sand!

Ordered to relax by his doctor, stressed businessman Hugh (Geoff Dolan) and family arrive in their camper at a deserted beach for a quiet holiday. The calm is broken when Heke (Pete Smith) and his family pull up, and park right next door!

Stars Geoffrey Dolan, Pete Smith, Sarah McLeod, Michelle Hou-Pere, Peter Wilson Jnr, Shara Connelly, Dominique Crawford, Oliver Pownall, Tylor Keith, & Ariana Ashby – Enjoy on DVD now!